About Us

We Here At iStem Care For Your Trillion Skin Cells An Innovative And Smart Skin And Hair Care Range By Dr Lita Mohapatra. 100% Vegan Cruelty Free Paraben, Free For all skin types. Established since 2019, iSTEM has become one of the best leading Indian Dermaceutical Manufacturing Company in India. We are offering 500+ products. we believe in loving and care your skin.

Istem Dermaceuticals  is an endeavor of individuals who need to develop a one of kind association is taken special care of skin care and skin health like no other person. We channelize our solidarity to making your skin a resource with our ensured quality and unrivaled items. You could foster various skin issues, all as a result of your way of life or your environment.From the terrains of Atharva Veda, old Indian Istem Dermaceuticals .

We at Istem Dermaceuticals guarantee that we will save you and your skin from the brutal climate, reestablish your skin health and save it strong for the years to come. We vow to give you the solidarity to act naturally in your skin, we give you fulfillment and regard.

iSTEM dermaceuticals is a vertical under Los Jovenes Pvt Ltd company to designs and develops unique, high-quality actives in the pharmaceutical & cosmeceutical industry which are based on naturally derived compounds and extensive scientific expertise. We are startup, registered and recognised by the Govt of Odisha Startup as an “Innovative startup in the state”. It was was founded in June 2019 by Dr. Lita Mohapatra in Bhubaneswar, India. In a short period of time, Los Jovenes Clinilogic has developed an excellent reputation as a creator of innovative active ingredient concepts as well as being a real expert in the fields of biotechnology and biochemistry. Its broad line of actives are currently being developed and formulated with robust R&D technology We do envision to further our expansion plans in product development to psoriasis, leukoderma, eczema, lipolytic product, hair follicle stimulants and nutraceuticals. Under the portfolio nutraceuticals & health” iSTEM dermaceuticals envisions to offer a selection of effective beauty-from-within and anti-aging products.

Our Mission

The guiding vision of the Los Jovenes Clinilogic Pvt Ltd that “We care for your trillion skincells”. By “caring for your trillion skin cells”, we imply transforming skin and developing niche products in the area of skin care therapeutics.

Our Vision

To be the preferred brand in SkinCeuticals and beauty business, nationally and internationally by building loyalty, exceeding internal and external customer expectations adding value to our stakeholder’s investment.

Awards & Achievements

  • The company was selected as 9th BIRAC Innovators Meet as part of the Global Bio India 2021: Selected for BIRAC Compendium 2021
  • LosJovenes Clinilogic Pvt Ltd Pvt Ltd was selected in Top 10 startups in Odisha into the HALL of Fame organised by Odisha StartUP Committee (Govt of Odisha) to showcase product development
  • The founder of the company Dr. Lita Mohapatra was invited to present to MSME / Odisha StartUp committee for Virtual Product Showcase meet in 2021
  • Global Triumph Foundation also awarded LosJovenes Clinilogic Pvt Ltd Pvt Ltd as the Best Health care Startup in 2021
  • Media coverage by Outlook, Forbes, London Daily Post, Verna Magazine USA and many leading National, International magazine
  • Founder Dr. Lita Mohapatra has given an immense amount of success to this company and has received multiple awards and accolades